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Corporate Investigation Division, C.I.D.

"C.I.D. is your one stop investigative source, providing professional results."

Corporate Investigations C.I.D. is an all-inclusive investigation agency providing its clients with well-trained investigators. Our investigators consist mainly of retired law enforcement officers and all are CLEET certified and licensed. C.I.D. has a reputation for discrete, quality investigations, with accurate results and client confidentiality our highest priority.

C.I.D. has Certified Fraud Examiners on staff specializing in both field investigations and forensic accounting.

Utilizing in-house investigators, or through specialized associates, C.I.D. provides the following services:

Fraud Investigation Technical Services Work Place Misconduct
Worker's Comp
Employee Fraud/Theft
External Fraud/Theft
Health Care
Personal Injury
Vehicle/Workplace Accidents
Vender/Employee Collision
Electronic Countermeasures
Polygraph Examination
Forensic Document Examination
Computer Crime Reconstruction
Data Recovery and Analysis
Performance Auditing
Investigative Financial Auditing
Identification of Hidden Assets
Arson Investigation
EEOC Complaints
Sexual Harassment
Work Place Violence
Employee Misconduct

Contact our staff of professional investigators at: (405) 232-2132

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